A Good Night Sleep with Natural Latex Mattress

Thursday, July 24, 2014

natural latex mattressNatural latex mattresses are best known for their excellent back support and overall comfort unmatched by any other existing materials other people are sleeping on. These are 100% quality vegan products (without the infusion of any synthetic materials) made from various sustainable sources, like plant-based materials. Natural latex mattresses are considerably different from synthetic mattresses, which are made using chemically-derived latex materials.

With all these general features, it is little wonder how natural latex mattresses have become incredibly popular these days. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Read on.

Aside from the incredible comfort and the ultimate sleep experience, natural latex mattresses are also environment-friendly. Natural latex is obtained by tapping rubber trees, which has no long-term and harmful effects to the trees themselves. Incisions in the trees where latex drains heal quickly. No pesticides or herbicides were used to help achieve the material’s ideal conditions. And rest assured no animals were harmed as well.

Going for natural latex is the smarter choice in the sense that it does not pack down as compared to the loose-fill mattress and its tendency to condense down over time, thus reducing the mattress’ evenness and overall comfort. Latex normally retains its firmness, an important support feature that prevents the mattress from packing down. It’s dense, yet highly elastic at the same time.

Latex mattresses are also excellent motion isolators. Motion isolation is the ability of a mattress to absorb a person’s movement on his particular side of the bed. This way, the other person sleeping on the other side will not be affected and disturbed by the movement, or making him/her roll over to the center of the bed.

With it, you can move and shift freely about without disturbing and waking up your partner at night. It may sound shallow but it may be just what some couples need to improve their relationships. It also gives you that needed restful sleep so you can recharge your batteries ready for the next day. Wouldn’t you want that?

Natural latex mattresses are also soothing for your back pain woes. The latex material reduces the pain because it can efficiently keep your lumbar spine and both of your shoulders aligned. Other mattress types cannot accomplish this; you can only feel your shoulders and pelvis sinking in, creating the right condition to cause your whole back to arch.

Another issue that folks have suffered with innerspring mattress types is the presence of pressure points. Whenever the springs are pressed by your heavy joints, the springs automatically shoot back, fully extending themselves. This is what creates pressure points in your body. And since latex mattresses do not rely on the spring system, you will never experience pressure points in your sleep.

Natural latex mattresses are designed to be hypoallergenic, which means dust mites have no place in your bed, especially bacterial, mold, and mildew. Air easily flows through as well due to its interlinked tiny air channel network that allows maximum breathability.

With all such wonderful benefits, you’ll certainly have a good night’s sleep on top natural latex mattresses. Buy yours now!


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